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In this condition, the normal red blood cells or the hemoglobin in the body are reduced. Anemia is the reduction in circulating red blood cells thus the tissues in the body do not get enough oxygen. This condition is caused by either internal or external bleeding, destruction of red blood cells or decreased production of red blood cells. Diseases and other causes such as cancer, immune disease, chemical or drug toxicity, parasites, poor nutrition and others can cause one of these conditions to develop.

Anemia Symptoms

Signs of this condition include pale or white gums and white of the eyes. Weakness and lethargy are also common. A complete blood count is needed to assess the condition.

We promise to take good of your pet always have you and your petís interest at heart. Whether your pet is just having an annual checkup or requires major surgery, you can count on our veterinarians and staff to give your pet the best possible care using the most advanced technology and equipment. We are dedicated to treating animals and look forward to working with you in caring for your pet!

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